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How To Wear an Overshirt

Musings on how to wear a Grove & Co overshirt

As much as we love idiosyncrasies and sartorial rules from the #menswear and #fashion history books, nowadays, fortunately, there’s a lot of scope for personal self-expression.

Whether it’s paring back an outfit for a simple #aesthetic, #androgynous silhouttes or use of bold colour blocking, it’s possible to create very different looks with relatively few items.

At its heart, that’s why we focus on the #overshirt. It’s an incredibly versatile piece of clothing which can be the base for an outfit or the standout piece, depending on the colour and fit, and of course, what you wear it with. In the summer it’s a light jacket and in the winter it can be done up as a warm layer against the cold.

"Whilst we’re by no means an authority on style we wanted to share our thoughts on how we’ve seen our shirts worn and some of our favourite looks"

The Minimalist

I got on board with the whole minimalist thing a while back (how very #millennial) and after selling most of my possessions on ebay, I turned to #simplifying my wardrobe. I wanted to pick out only those items which I would be able to wear with multiple outfits and which could be used throughout the year.

We’ve tried to carry this approach through to Grove & Co. We bring out a #limited range of colours of shirts, with some muted darker tones to button up on cold winter evenings, like our #WigmoreGreen. And we also like to make sure we throw in some brighter colours to make your shirts stand out - this season we brought out the #ClerkenwellCopper which is stands out from more traditional autumn and winter


White Collar Workwear

We’re fortunate to have some amazingly creative friends who work in #film, #architecture and #design and we’re always humbled when they support Grove & Co and wear their overshirts to the office.

We always thought of our shirts as a casual item, but as workplaces become more relaxed as a rule, we’re seeing our friends opt for overshirts, pairing them with a classic #chore #jacket, trousers and a pair of desert boots or brogues.


Because overshirts are made of thicker fabric, they hang beautifully and keep their shape really well, even when worn a size up. With the move back to looser fitting clothes over the past few years, pairing up a straight-cut heavy chino with an overshirt is definitely a look that we’re a fan of. The overshirt can be buttoned up for a smarter, tighter look or unbuttoned for a more relaxed style.

Wearing a size up also gives you the option of layering up in the cold and wearing a #poloneck underneath for added warmth. We were going to have some of these for you this season, but most of the samples seem to have made their way into Tri’s wardrobe - keep your eyes peeled next year though, we’ve got some big plans for these to make a comeback. We’d also love to hear how you wear overshirt's, so please give us a shout

with your favourite fits.


Ben (mainly) & Tri